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J u l i e t t e

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” R o o f t o p T e r r a c e , I n d o o r G a r d e n , S i d e w a l k C a f e , H a p p y H o u r , S e a s o n a l C o c k t a i l s , P r i v a t e E v e n t s , H o l i d a y P a r t i e s & C e l e b r a t i o n s ”


Refinery Rooftop

Refinery Rooftop
Refinery Rooftop

Industrial-chic rooftop spot in the Refinery Hotel featuring cocktails, light fare & dramatic views.

With awe-inspiring views of the Manhattan skyline and Empire State Building, Refinery Rooftop is one of Midtown’s most dynamic spaces.

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The Perfect Brunch Menu

Brunch is a favorite meal of many around the world, and it is one of the most popular go-to entertaining ideas for celebrations such as wedding and baby showers.

With so many occasions to brunch, there are a variety of different ways to go about selecting the perfect brunch menus.

Oftentimes dividing the menu into types of dishes such as main dishes, sides, sweets, and drinks can make the process a bit more streamlined.

It is also important to keep the stress level down in order to be able to enjoy the celebration.

Hosting a stress-free brunch is at the top of the list of important tricks for making a top notch, yet stress free celebration come off without a hitch.

Make Ahead Brunch Menu Ideas

The trick here is not being a slave to the kitchen.

This means that you will be able to mingle with guests instead of having to cook throughout the whole celebration.

To be able to pull this off, it is important to pre-prep as much as possible.

Choose recipes that can be made in advance, so all that needs to be done is a little warming up. Follow the tips below to make a brunch menu that you can prepare in advance:

  1. Always plan the menu ahead of time so you know what to expect when cooking the meal. One suggestion is to choose one egg dish, one hearty dish, and a drink of some sort, all of which can be prepared mostly before the day of the brunch.
  2. Choose a drink menu that can be made in advance. This could be anything from mimosas or making a batch of Bloody Mary mix or making cold-brew coffee. All of these can be made the night before.
  3. Poaching eggs in advance of the brunch is a good way to be a step ahead. This is perfect if the brunch menu includes Eggs Benedict. When making poached eggs for a crowd, the key is to quickly suspend cooking of the egg by dropping the poached eggs into ice water. Then be sure to keep them in the fridge overnight. The eggs can be revived at brunch time by putting them in gently boiling water.
  4. Make the bacon before. Preparing big batches of bacon on a baking sheet and popping them in the oven is a great way to prep the day before a party. Baking the bacon instead of frying it frees the host up to finish up anything that needs to be done on the day of the brunch. An added bonus here is that there is no greasy pan to clean and no stove space being taken up.
  5. Instead of making omelets and crepes that need constant attention right before being served, an alternative could be to prepare a make-ahead casserole, quiche, or breakfast strata. The same can be said of French Toast—instead of making it on the stove, pop it in the oven instead and make it a baked variety.
  6. Some other great options for make in advance dishes are scones, coffee cakes, banana bread, and muffins. It is even possible to freeze breads if you want to make large batches weeks ahead of time. 

Brunch Themes

Picking the theme for the brunch is also important for creating the perfect menu. It also lets you know which items will be needed to make in advance of the brunch day. Here are some ideas on themes to look for when hosting a brunch.

  1. Southern Brunch. For these types of brunches, the menu typically includes fluffy biscuits, cheesy grits, and boozy punch of some sort.
  2. Baby Shower and Wedding Brunch. Special occasions such as these lend themselves to festive menus. The menus might include mini mushroom and goat cheese tarts, smoked salmon appetizer, chorizo and potatoes mini quiche, chicken curry puffs, shrimp cocktail, caprese, lemon tarts, cupcakes, and chocolate dipped strawberries.
  3. Tea Party Brunch. These types of brunches are great for celebrating Mother’s Day and birthdays. The menu for this could have everything from savory sandwiches and mini quiches to sweet scones and dainty desserts—and don’t forget to brew the tea!
  4. A Farmer’s Market Brunch. For these brunches that celebrate the peak of the summer season, keeping it fresh is what it’s all about. Have a market fresh menu that includes gazpacho, spring herb hummus, yogurt parfait, and a build your own Bloody Mary Bar.
  5. Classic and Traditional Brunch. These recipes will be sure to sparkle at any occasion. Try orange pecan French toast or bacon and egg breakfast tarts paired with a yogurt parfait and breakfast sausage.
  6. Brunch with a Twist. Recipes for a brunch with a little twist can offer a variation on the traditional menu options. Menus for these occasions include Monte Cristo benedict, Mexican breakfast tacos, Charleston style shrimp and grits, and pork sausage patties with pistachios and apricots.

Going out for Brunch

Maybe whipping up brunch and hosting the party is not on your radar at the moment.

There are endless options for finding a wonderful place to brunch that will give you a plethora of brunch food ideas for when you’re ready to host your own.

In fact, if you’re looking to find top brunch spots  that will hit the spot, here are some inspiring ideas from chefs on great brunch menus.

  1. Smoked Salmon and Tater Tot Waffles. This is a new twist on waffles that is topped with smoked salmon and caviar, which creates a delicious dish that is very decadent and pairs great with champagne.
  2. Fired Eggs with Ratatouille Toasts. This is one of those recipes you enjoy at a restaurant and can easily be made ahead at home. In fact, the ratatouille tastes even better when made a day in advance.
  3. Kale and Butternut Squash Strata with Multigrain Bread. This is another great restaurant recipe that can be a good make-ahead dish at home. The multigrain bread adds a distinct flavor to the casserole.
  4. Fresh Berries with Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Custard. Another rich and decadent brunch item, this bread pudding is great for a sweet side. This can be made with store bought bread but making it with a fresh loaf is the best way to go.
  5. Brioche with Egg, Prosciutto and Gruyere. This is an open-faced sandwich that combines buttery, toasted Brioche bread with large slabs of melted cheese, prosciutto and an egg on top.
  6. Fried Eggs with Corned Beef Hash. When having brunch out, the corned beef is typically homemade. If you wish to make this for brunch yourself, you could use store bought corned beef from the deli and cut it into thick pieces.
  7. Butterscotch Sticky Buns. Stick, gooey buns are always a hit on the brunch menu. Dipping these buns into the salty-sweet butterscotch sauce just tops it off.
  8. Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches. The biscuit here is topped with cheese, eggs, country ham, and the optional jam. A big step up from the fast-food variety.
  9. Goat Cheese and Wild Mushroom Omelets. This is described as a tangy-creamy omelet that uses shiitake mushrooms and fresh pea shoots. A simple dish that can be made for any home brunch celebration.
  10. Spicy Glazed Honey Bacon. Smoky bacon that is slathered in a spice honey glaze makes the perfect side dish at any brunch, and another dish that can be made in advance by popping it in the oven to bake.
  11. Herb and Three Cheese Frittata Sandwiches. Add chives, parsley, and cheese and this dish makes for a fresh-tasting and creamy frittata. This is best served warm, but it can be eaten at room temperature or chilled.
  12. Sausage and Ham Strata. This is a definite make-ahead brunch item. The strata needs to be refrigerated for a minimum of four hours or overnight before it can be baked.
  13. Bok-Choy and Asparagus Frittata. Italian frittatas are a main staple for brunch, but it can be fun to explore your options beyond traditional ingredients. The key here is to get creative. Mix in Asian ingredients like Bok Choy to give the dish a change of pace.
  14. Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Syrup. Guests who eat these pancakes when catching brunch out love how the pancakes work with the ricotta topping and crunchy almonds, all topped off with orange syrup. This is a good way to wow guests at any home brunch occasion.
  15. Eggs Benedict with Arugula and Bacon. Any kind of bacon can be used for this, but it is especially good with Applewood-smoked bacon. This gives the dish a crisp, rich flavor and texture.
  16. Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Another great option for eating out or for home gatherings, this coffee cake is a hit because it is so moist and has a fruity sweetness.
  17. Glazed Cinnamon Rolls with Swirls of Pecans. This is a make-in-a-big-batch kind of sweet. It takes a bit of effort, but it is worth it. They are delicious with the glaze and pair perfectly with the pecans.
  18. Baked Orzo with Bacon, Spinach, and Feta. Pasta for brunch isn’t something that is widespread, but this dish pairing orzo with leeks and bacon is sure to make it a new staple for brunch menus all over the world.
  19. Open Faced Grilled Egg and Ham Breakfast Sandwich. These are essentially brunch sliders that are incredibly easy to prepare, especially if you are on a time crunch for your celebration.
  20. Blueberry Dutch Baby. By using pomegranate juice to sweeten this Dutch baby’s batter, this light yet berry-rich pancake is a hit amongst brunch goers.
  21. Quinoa Egg Bowl with Pecorino Cheese. This grain bowl is a great option if you want to change things up at your celebration. The quinoa bowl pairs wonderfully with the lemony, cheese dressing and a soft runny egg.

More Tips to Making the Brunch Perfect

Brunch is a great way to gather people together and enjoy each other’s company. For many people, brunches are their favorite meals. Remember these tips when throwing together the perfect brunch menu so that the day can come together flawlessly.

  1. Always remember to keep the food warm. Casseroles, hot breakfast items, and pastries can be kept warm in the oven at around two hundred degrees until it’s time to serve. Most guests like to have a drink or two and chat before the meal is served. If the host prefers the table to be ready right when guests arrive, put the food on the table and tent it with foil five minutes before guests arrive. Pull off the tents when the first guest appears.
  2. Don’t forget the drink menu. This is one of the most important pairings of any brunch menu. Mimosas are the staple of almost every brunch menu. There are also a variety of new drinks that are making their way on the brunch scene. These drinks include Lemon Martinis, Bloody Maria, Strawberry Mimosas—and of course, don’t forget the coffee.
  3. Don’t forget about the children. Remember to stock the kids table with easy staples such as cereal and milk since children are less likely to try any new or adventurous dish at a brunch.
  4. Offer a self-serve bar. Having a buffet station with a theme can bring a special touch to any brunch. Make a space on a counter for guests to be able to serve themselves as they chat with other guests. Some ideas for a self-serve bar include;
  • Coffee Bar: Make this complete with all the coffee essentials like sugar and cream, flavored syrups and an assortment of spices and teas.
  • Toast Bar: Prepare a plate of sliced bread and/or bagels and pair those with a few different jellies, jams, spreads, and butter. Also have a toaster available for people to toast their choices.
  • Parfait Bar: Put out fresh fruit, nuts, granola, and some sweet toppings all in separate bowls. Guests can layer all the ingredients into cups of plain yogurt.

Whether you’re looking to host a themed brunch or a casual get together, finding the right brunch menu to suit your cooking style is the key to making the celebration a success.

healthy breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

It can be super easy to get caught up in the rush of the morning, to grab a handful of cereal or a donut on the way to work to feed our stomachs something.

But what happens when those on-the-go, sugary-filled breakfasts don’t satisfy us anymore?

Breakfast is vital for a full day of functioning.

It serves as a base for our energy and nourishes our body.

So, the question is this:

Why don’t we take breakfast more seriously?

It isn’t difficult to prepare healthy breakfasts.

Doing so might even help save time in addition to getting you on the right track for your health!

Here is Top Brunch Spots list of healthy breakfast ideas:

  1. Fruit Salad

 fruitFruit salad is one of the easiest recipes in the book and incredibly healthy, too.

All you need do is simply cut up some of your favorite fruits (mango, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, blackberries, etc.) and mix it in a bowl.

A fruit cup is a classic recipe that is healthy.

Better yet? Add in some quinoa and a bit of lime dressing to give this meal an extra kick with some extra protein!

  1. Avocado Toast

 We have all seen this recipe take off. More people than not are eating avocado toast every day, and there are two great reasons for it: it’s healthy and it’s easy to make!

Simple is good. Just grab a couple slices of whole-grain bread, lightly toast them, and then top it off with smashed avocado.

Add a dash of salt and pepper to satisfy any cravings, and if you’re really feeling daring, you can even add a sunny-side up egg for extra protein!

  1. Egg Muffins

 While we all know that muffins are typically high in carbs and sugar, these ones are not!

Simply whisk eggs and add any ingredients.

From spinach to bacon or cheese, you have complete control over what goes in your mini-muffins!

Mix everything together and pour into a muffin-tin. After fifteen minutes, you’ll have egg muffins that can last up to a whole week!

  1. Smoothies

 Smoothies can be tricky. Sometimes it is tempting to add in more honey or sugar to sweeten the drink, but there are also ways to make smoothies that are good for you!

For example: frozen bananas, a scoop of peanut butter, yogurt, ice cubes and almond milk can give you a filling and nutritious on-the-go drink!

  1. Granola Apple Bites

 Craving granola bars but don’t want the carbs? We’ve got the perfect solution! Slice your favorite apples into wedges.

Then, scoop a spoonful of peanut butter (or almond butter!) onto each wedge and sprinkle oats or granola on top.

For an extra sweet taste, you can even drizzle chocolate on top! Healthy and refreshing!

  1. Overnight Oats

 Overnight oats are the easiest thing to make for anyone! Simply layer oats, blueberries, chia seeds, and almond milk into a sealed container.

Let it sit overnight, and then in the morning, add a bit of fruit and nuts to the top!

If you’re in the mood for something warm, you can easily heat this in the microwave and add just a splash of maple syrup to satisfy a sweet tooth.

  1. Microwave Quiche

 For those mornings when you are on crunch time, but you still want something fulfilling to eat, microwave quiche is the best option!

Begin by simply mixing eggs and milk and then adding some cheese and any other ingredients into a mug.

Then, you just have to microwave it for three minutes, and boom! Quiche is hot and ready.

  1. Parfaits

 Parfaits are always refreshing! Better yet, you can always change the ingredients in them!

From a classic Greek Yogurt with strawberries and granola, to adding in a scoop of pumpkin during the fall, parfaits are super adaptable and always healthy!

  1. Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich

 Missing those breakfast sandwiches?

No need! You can still enjoy them!

Stuffed between two whole-wheat slices of bread, you can enjoy eggs with a dash of pesto sauce (hence the green), some arugula for flavor (more green), and a slice of deli-meat (specifically ham!) to channel your inner Dr. Seuss.

  1. Smoothie Bowls

Don’t want to drink breakfast? No problem! Smoothie bowls are the new answer.

By blending any mixture of fruit and taking away just a bit of milk and yogurt, you can have a thick consistency for a base for a smoothie bowl!

Then just top it off with some favorite ingredients: granola, almonds, coconut, sliced kiwi—the options are endless!

  1. Breakfast Wrap

 Quick and easy, breakfast wraps are satisfying, filling and always yummy!

You can make these in accordance to what you’re feeling: craving Mexican

Simply put some egg, black beans, corn, and salsa on a wheat tortilla, roll it and enjoy!

  1. Grain Bowls

 Quinoa is one of the best forms of protein.

Using it as a base, mix in some favorite greens and toppings, such as avocado and tomatoes, and warm it up for a filling breakfast!

  1. Energy Peanut Butter Bites

 No baking needed! By mixing flax seed, peanut butter, oats, honey and chocolate chips into tiny balls and then freezing them, you can have bite sized breakfast snacks for a whole week!

These are filled with protein, fiber and healthy fats, which will keep you full and give you more energy for the whole day!

  1. Egg Wraps

 Trying to cut out carbs completely?

Replace tortillas or wraps with eggs!

By using the egg as a base, you can stuff it full of yummy foods such as turkey and avocado, giving you lots of protein, but no carbs!

Breakfast doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, it can be a lot of fun once you realize all of the endless options you have.

But more importantly, breakfast can be healthy.

You don’t have to stick to your previous routines of eating bagels or doughnuts out of habit and convenience.

Starting your days with a healthy meal will give you the energy you need to make it through the day, to fill you up, and to give you a boost toward a healthier lifestyle.

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13+ Easy Breakfast Ideas

While breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, it can sometimes be a hassle to make.

From waking up, to getting ready and ensuring you’re on time for your day, breakfast can seemingly become an easy thing to skip to save time.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make an easy breakfast!

This way, you save yourself time but give your body and mind the energy and nutrients it deserves for the day ahead. Some easy breakfast ideas are listed below:

  1. Bowl of Cereal 

While this isn’t the most nutritious breakfast, it is quite easy to prepare!

Grabbing a bowl of cereal and simply adding in some sliced almonds and a cut up banana or blueberries can be a great start to your day!

You can even replace milk with almond milk to make it a bit healthier!


  1. Any Type of Casserole


Breakfast casseroles are a one-stop-shop for everyone!

As a dish that can be easily personalized, giving you and your family complete control over what you want to put in it (say, eggs, bacon, ham, cheese and who knows what else?!), this is a great breakfast that can be made quickly.

Just layer all your ingredients in a greased baking dish, whisk some eggs, add them to the top, and let it bake for forty minutes!

While it’s cooking, you can get ready for the day.

Better yet, you can even prep the dish the night before.

Then, simply slide it into the oven when you first wake up and save yourself preparation time in the morning!

  1. French Toast

Classic or customized, French toast is a family favorite that you can make every morning!

All you have to do is dip some bread in egg batter and let it fry for a minute or so on a skillet.

By throwing powdered sugar, cool whip and sliced strawberries on top, you can satisfy any sweet tooth.

As a bonus, by changing these toppings every morning, you’ll give your family the diversity they’re craving!

  1. Quiche

 Just like casseroles, quiche is a quick prep meal that can make any morning better!

By just mixing eggs with spinach and cheese and setting it to bake, you can get you and your family ready while the quichey-goodness cooks!

Trying out different ingredients can also change up any flavor! This is another great, one-pan-meal!

  1. Pancakes

pancakesWho says pancakes have to take a lot of time?

Grab a shake-n-bake from your local grocery store, throw some water in the bottle, and pour the mix onto a hot pan.

You’ll have a loaded stack in no time! Just don’t forget that syrup!

  1. Pancake Mini-Muffins

 Looking for something sweet and different?

Take that same shake-n-bake batter and pour it into a mini-muffin pan!

Add some fruit or granola on top and stick it into the oven to bake.

When done, you’ll have mini-muffins that are ready for a grab and go adventure!

  1. Smoothies

 Although smoothies aren’t necessarily a full meal, they can be filling and give you a lot of energy.

Just have a blender and some ice ready!

The concoction is your choice: yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, mango—whatever you want, you enjoy.

Press puree and sip at home or pour it into a to-go cup for the road!

  1. Cinnamon-Rolls

Once again, don’t be afraid to take advantage of pre-packaged meals if you need more time in the morning!

Pillsbury makes some fantastic cinnamon rolls—just pop the container, lay them in a baking pan, and let them bake!

Don’t forget that cream cheese glaze though—it’s the best part!

  1. Cinnamon Roll Waffles 

Looking to mix it up a bit? Take that cinnamon roll batter and place it in a waffle maker! You can get the best of both worlds!

  1. Waffles

 Waffles mix is quick and easy, and if needed, there is pre-packaged batter available.

The most important investment, however, is your waffle maker.

Investing in a waffle maker can save you time and help you make a quick, yummy breakfast or brunch—all you do is pour and flip!

The set timer will notify you when your waffle has been cooked to golden perfection.

  1. Egg and Ham Sandwich

Most people don’t realize that you can cook your eggs in the microwave: simply crack the yolk into a bowl, heat it for a minute, and boom!

You have a cooked egg, which is now conveniently the perfect shape for an English muffin sandwich.

Just add on a slice of deli-meat for extra protein, cheese for flavor or a splash of brown mustard for spice, and you’ve got yourself and grab and go breakfast sandwich in under two minutes!

  1. Breakfast Quesadilla

Filled with scrambled eggs, green peppers, bacon and any cheese your heart desires, breakfast quesadillas are easy to make and promise to be filling.

Often squished between two tortilla shells or wraps, all you have to do is fry and stuff!

From preparation to consumption—this quick meal can be done in less than twenty minutes and is customizable based off your favorite flavors!

  1. Yogurt 

If you’re really pressed for time, don’t be afraid to simply scoop some Greek Yogurt into a cup and splash a bit of coconut, granola and strawberries on the top!

High in protein and filling—this is a great grab and go meal that feels refreshing on any day.

  1. Toast, Bagels and English Muffins, Oh My!

Although filled with carbs, toast, bagels and English muffins are great for an easy breakfast.

Simply pop them in the toaster and slather with some cream cheese, avocado, peanut butter or almond butter!

Although mornings can feel hectic and rushed, there are so many breakfast options for you and your family.

Between pre-packaged foods or dishes that are prepped the night before, you can save time in the morning and make easy breakfasts for you and the family.

It is, after all, the most important meal of the day—so eat up!