The village has brunch! Another place situated in the ultra-desirable Village is Buvette. Unsurprisingly, Buvette is also a French place, so you may have to do your own pros and cons on which French brunch is the best because there are a lot to choose from.

Buvette’s more famous dishes include the jambon cru, which is an egg served on top of toast with prosciutto and freshly grated parmesan on top. They also serve a waffle sandwich, which is precisely what it sounds like. For more traditional French breakfast options, there are croissants, a croque madame, and crepes.

Buvette is also a small place that does not take reservations, so be wary of what time you arrive and with how many people. There could be a wait. For these smaller portions, the price doesn’t quite measure up either. While it is NYC, and everything is expensive, who doesn’t love getting a deal?

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