How to Choose a Restaurant for Brunch in NYC This Weekend

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It’s our brunch, and we’ll wait in line if we want to. Brunch culture has had a resurgence in the last ten years. Now, we brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. We brunch for holidays, we brunch for birthdays, and we brunch for no reason at all.

Depending on what type of brunch you’re looking for: vegetarian, gourmet, classic, or worldly, no brunch is too extravagant or too obscure for the mecca of all dining: New York City. With the city being so diverse, NYC also provides options for brunches that aren’t strictly American. For all of us wanting to try a new cuisine, or for those of us who want to have a brunch like the ones we grew up with, New York City can provide it.

We’re here to help make the decision easier for you. Choosing a restaurant at any meal time can be overwhelming, especially in a city like NYC, but fear and anxiety have no place at brunch. Stave off your Sunday scaries with these foolproof NYC brunch options. You can thank us with bottomless mimosas—on you.

The Best Neighborhoods for Brunch

There’s no question that major metropolises are a haven for the wayward bruncher because of the endless possibilities they supply. The only downside of having so many options, and so many people who love having brunch, are the inevitable lines.

In NYC, there’s also the problem of transportation. No one wants to travel from Queens to Harlem if they don’t have to, but you might want to jaunt out of your usual borough to find a brunch that you might not have seen if you weren’t looking.

Bottomless Brunch NYC 

 Rooftop Brunch NYC

Brunch Party NYC

 Vegan Brunch NYC





Upper East Side

East Village

Upper West Side



Greenwich Village

Lower East Side

West Village

Midtown East

Central Park


Midtown West

Times Square

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