Drago’s – Hilton Riverside – New Orleans

Drago’s – Hilton Riverside Description:

Offshoot of the charbroiled oyster mecca. Modern, downtown hub of the Metairie original known for charbroiled oysters & other seafood.


2 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States

Phone Number:

+1 504-584-3911



Store Hours:

Sunday: 12-3PM, 4-10PM | Monday: 12-3PM, 4-10PM | Tuesday: 12-3PM, 4-10PM | Wednesday: 12-3PM, 4-10PM | Thursday: 12-3PM, 4-10PM | Friday: 12-3PM, 4-10PM | Saturday: 12-3PM, 4-10PM

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