Fort Defiance

Launched in 2009, the Fort Defiance has wonderful neighborhood feel. A great choice for the seasonal American food, it offers you reasonable prices and a great food. The menu spread includes Red Hooks staple serves, huevos rancheros, and a biscuit sandwich stuffed with eggs, red beans on toast ham, jalapeño jam and  French toast.

Red Hook has art, lofts, dive bars, and IKEA. Not a lot of NYC people make it out to Red Hook Brooklyn, but they really should make an effort. The cocktails are worth mentioning the Irish coffee has been raved about in the Times. They also have a menu of their own concocting that they created from American, French, and Creole influences.

In terms of food, Fort Defiance serves an array of items destined to satisfy: french toast with mascarpone, red beans and toast, deviled eggs, huevos rancheros, and delivers on both the savory and sweet fronts. Better catch that bus!

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