Joseph Leonard

The Village strikes again with Joseph Leonard. With a cute atmosphere that feels authentically Village and New York, Joseph Leonard also has a diverse menu that will likely satisfy any bruncher looking for a good, filling meal.

With dishes like grits and greens, smoked trout scrambles, cheeseburgers, saucisson with fried eggs, and the new/old favorite, avocado toast. Joseph Leonard also has a cocktail menu that won’t disappoint. While the cocktails are somewhat affordable, the menu prices can be a bit steep, which is pretty standard for dining in the West Village.

This is a place that is just as busy at brunch as they are at dinner because of their reputation of coziness and tastiness. While the food may not be revolutionary, it is a place to try even for the experience.

The always packed restaurant in the West Village is one of the excellent choices for brunch if you are going on a date. You will indeed witness the soft and calm West Village atmosphere while you dine or have brunch here. The ambience will remind you the scenes from the vintage era. The food can be quite rustic and true to the roots. In fact, the coffee is what you would love the most at this location. You can have indigenous spreads of French-American comfort food dishes. You should try the fried chicken sandwich, avocado toast, and grits and greens.

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