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What Makes the Perfect Brunch Date?

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What Makes the Perfect Brunch Date?

I’m not sure when the world decided dinner was the best meal for a date to be held during, but I’m here to say the world is wrong. Dates, especially first dates, can be rather delicate affairs that involve a protracted process of feeling the other person out and getting an idea for who they are.

However, first dates can also be something you want to end the second you have sat down depending on the person on the other side of the table from you.

Determining whether someone else is a good fit for your personality is difficult to do with the other distractions that come along with late night dining. Dinner typically includes multiple courses, stricter dress code and nearly obligatory alcohol consumption.

This means the time commitment to dinner can be quite substantial and you don’t always want your date to drag on forever. Additionally, the drinking that tends to come with dinner can also put you or your partner off their game and result in muddied decision making.

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Breakfast, on the other hand, is too early for many while lunch dates are basically smiling at each other while chewing on a sandwich. This is where brunch comes in to save the day!

brunch ideas for two

Brunch is that perfect time of the day where you’re awake but still fresh for any coming activities and the foods served are the perfect mix of casual and fancy.

Brunches are also a bit of a special occasion as they are typically done once a week (though brunch can be a fun activity when schedules permit it to occur on weekdays as well!) All these ingredients come together to make the perfect date dish.

The perfect brunch date allows for the flexibility of spending the rest of the day together or the possibility of simply parting ways once the meal has come to its conclusion.

The specifics of the brunch date itself can be modified to fit your relationship with the person and your expectations for the rest of the day. Brunch provides heaps of options when it comes to the dishes you can order or prepare which means you can create the perfect setting for whatever outcome you desire.

A light brunch with lots of fresh fruits can give the right amount of energy for physical activities without loading your stomach down with heavy foods. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more sedated, you can always go big on the heavier foods like eggs benedict and Belgian waffles for a wonderful day of lazy canoodling ahead. A mix of the two can provide just the right amount of decadence and healthfulness for a day full of open-ended possibilities.

In addition to brunch dishes being flexible, so too are the dress code and decor. The brunch scene can be equally suited for fine dining with Sunday’s best donned as it is for a rowdy, casual affair.

Depending on where you go or what you serve for brunch, you could show up in a business suit or shorts and a t-shirt and be perfectly dressed for the occasion. The laid-back nature of brunch dates allows for endless possibilities.

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